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Abstract gingival overgrowth is exaggerated and disfiguring increasing volume of gingiva. Las enfermedades gingivales y periodontales estan catalogadas entre las afecciones mas comunes del genero humano. It is considered a reactive lesion as occurs in response to chronic local irritant. However due to their varied presentations, the diagnosis of these entities becomes challenging for the clinician. Gingival diseases form an amorphous group in which not only problems of exclusively inflammatory nature can be seen, but also alterations of either genetic or traumatic origin or associated with systemic alterations. The aim of this study was to report a clinical case. Gingival hyperplasia can be a recurrent condition despite improvements in oral hygiene, professional treatment, and drug substitutions. Correccion quirurgica en una adolescente con hiperplasia gingival hereditaria. Co 2 laser surgery, electrosurgery and conventional gingivectomy, are effective for gums contour and anatomy reconstitution. It is a common injury in adolescent and adult patients because its main etiology is associated with malocclusion, the use of prostheses or orthodontic appliances improperly adjusted, as well as.

The results demonstrate that the treatment forms presented. Inflammatory gingival hyperplasia is a reactive proliferative process, with varied etiology, and may be caused by local or systemic factors. Gingival hyperplasia for a problem that is so common, there is really not very much in the veterinary literature on this odd condition, so it seems time for me to tell you a bit about my understanding of gingival hyperplasia, what brings it about, why it is a concern and how we manage it. It is the most common characteristic of gingival diseases and chronic periodontitis. Lhyperplasie gingivale en tant queffet secondaire potentiel. Ocurre en zonas donde hay dientes,no en espacios edentulos. Zinc chloride is caustic and prolonged application or high concentrations will. Report of one case gingival enlargement can be an adverse effect of ciclosporine a and nifedipine use.

Hiperplasia gingival inflamatoria asociada a enfermedad. Resolucion del agrandamiento gingival mediante terapia. Hiperplasia gingival hereditaria asociada a hipertricosis. The gingival enlargement is a disorder characterized by an enlarged, connective tissue. A classification is proposed, based on the etiology. Environ 45 mm en moyenne pour une incisive centrale 8 figure 4. The tissue overgrowth is made up predominantly of collagen, and may therefore be a useful model for analysis of fibrosis and some other connective tissue abnormalities. Surgical correction in an adolescent with hereditary gingival hyperplasia. Hiperplasia gingival inducida por amlodipino en paciente con. The mean value of the depth of the gingival pockets measured by means of a periodontal probe in all the patients dentition was 3 mm. Various degrees of gingival overgrowth may occur in individuals taking diphenylhydantoin, a drug used widely in the treatment of epilepsy. Most of the drugs commonly used for gingival retraction are effective in shrinking the gingival tissues. Nonhodgkins lymphoma manifest as gingival hyperplasia in a renal transplant recipient jung hyun kwon, joon chang song, sang hun lee, so young lee, chul woo yang, yong soo kim, byung kee bang korean j intern med. Correccion quirurgica en una adolescente con hiperplasia.

Manifestaciones gingivales asociadas a condiciones sistemicas a. Hiperplasia gingival por medicamentos sciencedirect. Gingival hyperplasia is a common side effect of antiepileptic. Fibromatosis gingival hereditaria una inusual enfermedad genetica.

Hiperplasia gingival en paciente con tratamiento ortodontico. Actualidad profesional e industrial del sector dental, issn 191626, vol. Co 2 laser surgery, electrosurgery and conventional gingivectomy, are. In such cases, overgrown gums may need to be surgically removed. Hiperplasia gingival inducida por amlodipino en paciente. Gingival enlargement is one of the frequent features of gingival diseases. It has a high relapse rate if the drugs are not discontinued. Ha sido designada como elefantiasis familiar, fibroma difuso, hiperplasia hereditaria o. Caracteristicas histopatologicas las caracteristicas histopatologicas del quiste gingival del adulto son similares a las del quiste periodontal lateral.

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